Chernati Yoga Massage LLC


David Chernati

Owner / CEO

David has been involved with athletics for most of his life. His passion for movement brought him to East Stroudsburg University to study kinesiology and earth science. Since 2012, he has been leading team-based programing on ropes courses, backpacking trips, and introductory rock-climbing courses.


Further pursuing kinesiology, he studied at the National Holistic Institute where he trained therapists to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam and tutored students in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and various massage modalities. 


After graduation, David continued his studies in Chiang Mai, Thailand with the International Training Massage School to become a Nuad Thai Massage Instructor. Upon completion of the course, he taught international students Nuad Thai Massage Level I and Level II for one month.


In 2019, David moved to Tucson and created Chernati Yoga Massage LLC to formalize his education and teach Assisted Stretching, Partner Yoga, Nuad Thai Massage, and practice Bodywork.