What You Think, You Become

What are you aware of right now? Find yourself in your seat.

Take your time...

What kinds of smells, sounds, sights are you aware of right now?

Notice your breath.

Become aware of its pace and its quality. Follow it from the tip of your nose, down through the trachea into the lungs as it expands in all directions.

As the breath leaves the lungs, follow it as it passes the tip of the nose. Notice the difference in the temperature of the air as it flows in and out of your body.

Are you aware of your thoughts?

What is it that the little voice is saying to you, is it positive? Is it not? Is there a lot of space in between your thoughts?

Close your eyes and try to pinpoint the edge of your sensation. Notice the tips of your fingers, of the bottoms of your feet, of the crown of your head. Try to feel your front and your back. Notice sensations as they flood into you from every direction.

Awareness is in everything you do, everything you say, feel, touch, smell, hear, and think. Awareness is cultivated through experience, which is gathered from the senses. The senses are transmitted into the brain resulting in thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Become aware of yourself. What are you doing? Do you feel love or anger? Are you happy, sad, content?

Awareness is the first step of change. Once you become aware of something, you can take steps to either continue doing what you are doing or change. Once you become aware of something it is hard to ignore it; the harder you try to push away awareness of something, the more it pushes back. If you do not like where you are or what you are doing, you have the power to change for the better. Choose to live your dream! Anything is possible!

Create yourself.

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