Nuad Thai Classes: Pace Yourself

Sawadee Krap (Hello) Everyone,

To meet our customers interests regarding Nuad Thai Massage Classes, we have decided to change our approach. Classes are now in a "Practice at your own Pace" style with two durations 1) Introduction ( 2 - 3 days ) and 2) Full Class (5 days). Offering smaller classes in a "practice at your own pace" style will allow students to learn at times and locations which cater to their own schedule. 

Introduction classes ( 2 - 3 days ), offered only for Level I: Foundations of Nuad Thai Massage, cover the basic history, principles, moves, and stretches of Thai Massage. These classes are not awarded practitioner certificates.

Graduates of the Full Class, both Level I & Level II, will be awarded practitioner certificates directly from the International Training Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

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