Myofascial Massage

Myofascial Massage is a form of "Deep Tissue" massage which effects the myofascia ['myo' - meaning muscle; 'fascia' - pertaining to the connective tissue which surrounds muscles and organs]. It is very effective to reduce pain, break-up adhesions or knots, increase range of motion, and flexibility. Secondary effects may include increased strength in effected areas. This modality utilizes no oils or lotions and will incorporate various stretching techniques.


To experience the best results and to track ones progress, it is recommended to book multiple sessions and return every two to three weeks. Progress over each session will be tracked on “range of motion charts.” This allows the therapist to quickly reference problem areas and effected muscle groups, pertaining to your needs.

A focused massage that is effective in addressing postural issues, increasing range of motion, reducing pain and soreness, and promoting balance in the body. This techniq...
Myofascial Massage
1 hr 30 min